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Ask for help from a friend or family member

Do you have someone in your existing network of friends or family who might be able to provide you with some financial support?

Though asking for help might sound embarrassing, you might be surprised to learn how friends or family members have been through similar situations.

If someone you know might be in a position to assist you, they are likely to be more patient with you when it comes to making payments back. Perhaps knowing that you owe money to someone close to you might even motivate you to pay the money back more quickly? If you are unable to obtain financial help from this source, someone you know might be able to provide you with the details of a company who can.


Are you someone who has a TV package with every possible channel, regardless of whether or not you actually watch them? Perhaps now might be a good time to downgrade some of your luxuries.

Some of the things you might consider downgrading are your mobile phone contract, or your gym membership.


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